By the Steelgods' Wicked Intentions!

on Saturday, October 16, 2010
Editing is quickening. Mostly because the chapters just past the first ones are actually in decent condition already; mostly just minor edits with regards to city locations (I hadn't written a full map yet) and a few terms that changed by the end of the book. Going well, most of the prose is decent too. Nothing I can't handle.

I finished Monster Hunter International, so expect a review of that soon. I wanted to run out and get Monster Hunter Vendetta the minute I finished it, but for some reason I restrained myself. I'll probably have to go snag it sometime; the first book was quite good in a cheesy sort of way. Very entertaining.

Starting Codex Alera on my wife's suggestion. It's by Jim Butcher, author of those Dresden Files books I have a love affair with. It will be yet another book I started, got about 100 pages in, and probably quit (Name of the Wind, Uglies, Way of Kings, I'm looking at all of you).

Also, The Scorch Trials, the next book in The Maze Runner trilogy came out last Tuesday. I should check that out as well sometime.

So many books to read, so many games to play, so much editing to do, so much schoolwork, and so little time. Hopefully I can get this all figured out.

Editing! Resume!

Bit from what I did today.

April lead me straight to the center of town, and gestured proudly at the landmark. A large metal tower, the gray metal reflecting the bright evening sun, jutted out from the cobblestones like a nail through wood. It was capped in a pointed, copper-columned tip, from which a light streamed. April spoke to me excitedly. 
“Isn’t it incredible? It’s the largest steel tower in Tempered, or so the bards say. Some even claimed it is bigger than most in the Steel-Imbued Domain. Go on, touch it!”
I stepped over a circle of flowers to reach the monument, shielding my eyes from its brightness. I placed a hand on the steel, it was cold to the touch and incredibly smooth. As I circled it, something peculiar bothered me.
“There’s no bolts, no couplings,” I noted, rapping it with my fist. It made a metallic, hollow sound. “What’s holding this together?”
“Nothing.” April’s grin widened. “It’s one solid piece of metal.”
I looked up the side. Sure enough, there were no lumps indicating bolts or screws. I scrunched up my brow.
“One solid piece? Wouldn’t it collapse on itself?”
April nodded. “It should. Both dad and I studied it for years; the thing should crumble into a pile of scrap, but it doesn’t. The story is they found it here, just sticking out of the ground, some remnant of a lost time. Maybe even a time when they made the Tinkers.”
I tried to look impressed. “Well, if you say it is physically impossible for this to stand, then I think I’m going to take a few steps back.”


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