Alpha Readers Wanted! The Might of the Steelgods

on Thursday, October 21, 2010
First off, the title was changed from Might of the Steelgods to The Might of the Steelgods. Yeah, not a huge difference, but it matters to me. Hush. 
Second, I should have this book editing by next Wed. If not, I'm going to edit at World Fantasy. It's going to be ready by November, I swear. 
Which means I need Alpha Readers! Yay!

So! Here's what you get if you want to be an Alpha Reader person! It's the same rules as the Paradise Seekers Alpha party all the way back in July. Read it, I'll have a list of questions (probably not as long as Paradise Seekers, since it doesn't have all the deep crap that Paradise Seekers has), and I'd like general reviews and ideas. Grammar, spelling, etc. are also appreciated.

You are allowed to be as completely harsh as possible. In fact, it is suggested. You won't lose my friendship if you tell me you hate my book. I will be sad and cry and shoot people in Call of Duty, but I won't hate you.

So! I'm going to print hard copies, including two exclusively magical hard copies that will look like actual books (with covers and binding and everything) funded by Jason because he is awesome. The rest will get the still-nice-but-not-as-nice spiral bound affairs. However, if you are fine reading an electronic copy, it would be preferred.

I ended up needing five Paradise Seekers copies, and I still haven't got one of them back. I'll probably have four or five The Might of the Steelgods to hand out. Anyone who wants an electronic copy can get one. I can provide .doc, .pages, or .pdf.

To sign up, either comment here, shoot me a facebook message, or email spam me at theuselessgod(at) All work fine. Thanks in advance for all those who help!


Derek Bown said...

Me, me me me me!!!

Nathan Major said...

Do you want a hard copy or an e-copy?
I'm guessing you want the pretty book version Jason is funding. :P

Derek Bown said...

Either version of hard copy would be fine. The Jason copy would be nice of course. :P
But the e-copy (which frankly I already have) wouldn't work so well for me since I have a hard time reading books on the computer.

Anonymous said...

I dibbed a long time ago, and I returned my hard copy of Paradise Seekers, so I get top of the list, right after Jason, who is like auto-number-one.


Anonymous said...

Send an electronic pdf to RHB's wife's parents.

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