Anbar August - Classes and vidja gamez

on Sunday, August 7, 2011
I wrote only 1.5k friday, far under mark. Mostly because I was working on a new side project (see later on!) and I was in a completely foul mood. But I still wrote, and that is something, and I wrote 3k to make up for it, and might write even more before going to sleep because I hate sleep apparently.

Gears is going...slowly. I have to keep reminding myself that after this setup I have a lot of words available for all the things I've been planning while Cevan is at university (spoiler?), but it is taking them forever to get there. I blame Effulgent Corruption, even though I'm still trying my hardest to keep things moving extremely fast. I guess it'll get decided once it gets to writing group.

I'm strongly reconsidering epublishing Steelgods. I also did something I should have done a long whiles ago: signed up for the Kindle Boards (well, I was already on and lurking, but I'm making an active move to post now). Things there have been very helpful and interesting, which is fun. Most of my forum-going has been lurking these past few years, so about time I got back on that whole forum thing.

So here is what I've been doing. I have a buttload of video games, and even more so I haven't beaten. I've decided that I'm going to try and beat as many of them as I can, since I have entire series of games I haven't even beaten one game in, which is bad. So I've decided to start a blog where I play though my backlog of games, forcing myself to play them until I beat them, and making snarky comments all along the way.

Yep. Pretty much what it would be like if you lived with me. My poor wife.

Anyway, it's up but I'm not advertising it on any of the gaming sites I'm active in just yet, not until I have at least two games under my belt and decide I'm going to keep doing it. I do my best to put lots of images and keep things entertaining, sort of combined "review" and "I'm going to beat this dumb game" thing going on. The current game is Metroid Prime 2, a game I technically started in 2005 and never beat. Yeah, fail.

So check it out, follow it, etc. If you like my brand of humor, it might be up your alley (or if you like video games). If you think I'm an annoying twit, you should probably avoid it.

The Backlog Blog. 

And now, a piece from today, when Divine is telling Cevan the classes he signed the latter up for.

“What’s this one for?” I asked, the blank cover mysterious.
“Oh yes,” Devent smiled. “A personal touch of my own: ballroom dancing.”
I froze. Devent and Rosemary stared at him with open eyes, and then looked back at me. Then, as if a dam had broken, they burst into uproarious laughter. I felt my cheeks go crimson as I just held the book in silence, my stepsiblings howling so loudly it echoed in the large room.
“Dancing?” I finally managed to sputter. “You signed me up for a dancing class?”
“I fail to see why this is so humorous,” Divine folded his arms like an angry parent. “Dancing has long been a sign of the civilized and refined. You couldn’t hope to visit a Spoke’s ball without at least a rudimentary knowledge of how to dance. It is an important life skill.”
This just made Rosemary and Devent laugh harder, the latter pounding the table with the butt of his silverware. I growled as menacingly as I could, but they didn’t stop.
“Bloody hell,” I muttered. “Well, is it a fun class at least? Something that won’t make me look like a total idiot?”
“I…actually didn’t take it myself,” Divine confessed, turning a bit red. “But I always wanted to. I figured you would enjoy it.”


Derek Bown said...

Okay, you definitely need to keep up the Steelgods series, because I'm loving all the sample passages you are posting. I want to read it! XD But I can't promise I'd be able to read two of your books at the same time. Then again, this one is shorter. Hurm.

I've decided, put it on dropbox, I want to read this now!!!

Jason L Secrest said...

man. I love divine.

Also: Where's the link to the video game site?

Nathan Major said...

The big glowing red "The Backlog Blog" is your link, mein kampf.

Jason L Secrest said...

P.S. I like your new layout and colors much better. Also, no enormous home buttons. That's a plus.

Jason L Secrest said...

Oh, excuse me, I thought it was a header. It's not that I didn't totally and completely miss it. Nope. My eye's absolutely saw that great big red line of text.

Kyle Midstry said...

Divine is a cool character name. I have issues naming characters. I have an even larger trouble remembering what their names are.

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