WorldCON Time

on Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I have:

- Gotten an awful haircut
- Trimmed my beard so it looks reasonable
- Washed my clothes and packed them
- Made sure my Netbook is up to date
- Charged my Ipod and put the audiobook of Way of Kings on it.
- Bought SEVEN ROCKSTARS because I NEED caffeine to function in social settings
- Printed the WorldCON grid schedule and gone, author by author, over what I want to go to
- Written that down, found major conflicts (everything I want to go to is always at 11:00am AT THE SAME TIME)
- Put WorldCON and the Hotels in the GPS
- Got a sharpie and my Kindle for MAD SIGNANGE YO.
- Wished I weren't so nervous about this

I'm off to WorldCON tonight, fools! I'm going to try and not have it cut into my writing, but that will depend on how much free time I have at night. Here's hoping I meet a lot of people, go to a lot of panels, and generally have a kickin time.

I'll also try and update from the Con, assuming our hotel has internet. Ta ta!


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