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on Monday, August 15, 2011
Wrote a large amount last week, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, Jason wrote like freaking 8k on Saturday which mean on our stat sheet he now holds the record for most words in a day.


In other news, WorldCON is this weekend, and we are leaving tomorrow night. I still have to do literally everything to prepare, including getting a haircut (boo!), deciding my schedule, and figuring out where the crap we are staying Tuesday night. I'm also going to do most of the driving, which means I'm putting Way of Kings audiobook on the iPod.

So that will be fun and hopefully I'll make some good contacts. If not, every awesome author in the history of the world will be there, and I'm going to make them sign my Kindle. ALL OF THEM.

In Gears news, I've already decided on the title for the third Steelgods book: A War of Blood and Oil. In a not-so-massive spoiler, Gears ends with the inevitable war between the Gears and the Peacemakers starting up, which encompasses the rest of the series. So that should prove interesting. I actually also have titles for the last two books as well (The Tips of Creation and The Destroyer of the World). So Book 4 remains the only one current untitled. I'll get to these when I get to them; we'll see.

I also stumbled upon another revelation about my writing. I tend to avoid a rather large fantasy staple: mystical creatures. With the exception of Lacrymosa (which has a big flying nasty thing called a Zentapox), none of my books have any sorts of weird animals or creatures in them. Corrupters in Effulgent Corruption are close, but they are still technically people, just coated in Gangrene. None of my other books have any sort of weird animal life, and I only rarely have a different fantasy race (Lacrymosa has Ala and El, Harbinger has the Seraphim, and WGMD has...the gods?). It's almost as if I weened it out of my novels intentionally. I don't even plan stuff that has weird monsters (though The Tips of Creation will have weird monsters because that's one where they actually go to the Blight that borders the world.

Anyway, I just thought that was interesting. Now I really want to write something that has fantasy monsters, but they always have seemed so contrived and trite. Honestly, my least favorite part about Mistborn was the shape-shifting monsters and the Koloss (though the Koloss...well, it's a spoiler, but if you've read it you know why I might be more forgiving of those). It just seemed really out of place in a book about humans. I dunno, maybe I'm just super biased. I also tend to prefer my sci-fi without aliens, and that's pretty much the same thing. Huh.

Anyway, there you go. that's what has been on my mind. Now, a bit from Gears.

“Yeah, about that,” I muttered, raising the sword. That only resulted in me wincing and crumpling down slightly; I took a long, stabbing breath and forced myself back to my feet. “I kind of met him yesterday. And got punched by him. And…retaliated.”
“Wait, really?” Ashe looked at me in surprise, and then glanced over to make sure Tartonus wasn’t watching us. “What on earth did you do?”
“I kicked him in a…sensitive area. Sensitive to males. If you catch my drift.”
I was trying to be tactful, but I suppose I shouldn’t have bothered considering who I was talking with.
“You rammed your foot into Gregor’s nuts?” I didn’t know Ashe’s eyes could get that big. “Gregor Halbicus? The son of – “
“Yeah, Stewart and Pitronus already told me about how I pretty much signed my death wish, thank you.” I grunted. I was starting to feel a little better; I could stand straight, at least.
- The Gears of Anbar, Chapter 11 - Assessment

And here is some AWESOME CHIPTUNES from an equally awesome game. It was for sale with the recent Humble Bundle (pay your own price) so if you didn't buy it YOU ARE A FOOL. 


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