WorldCON - For those wondering

on Friday, August 19, 2011
For those wondering: Yes, I'm at WorldCON.

For those wondering: Yes, I've met a truckload of editors. No agents yet (at least not ones I haven't met before) but I still have two days. Most of the editors have been from Tor, but Ace's panel is tomorrow so we'll to grab 'em then.

For those wondering: Yes, I got my kindle signed by a truckload of people, including George R. R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss.

For those wondering: Yes, Patrick Rothfuss is hilarious on every panel he is on. His reading was amazing as well.

For those wondering: Yes, I have a newfound zeal to submit things to people now. I just have to do loads of editing before it'll be ready.

For those wondering: I haven't been updating my blog because I've been spending my evening either at the con or writing Gears instead. Yes, I think this is a better use of my time. I'll post a big update once it is all over.

For those wondering: There are a truckload of Utah people here. Not surprising, but I swear I keep running into the same ones constantly. Seriously, I'm not seeking them out, but it's weird that this keeps happening.

For those wondering: Most professionals at these cons are very nice and polite. I suppose that is their job, but I figured I'd let it be known that their courtesy and tolerance is appreciated from this social troglodyte.

For those wondering: I've drunk a Rockstar every morning this week, and I feel awesome. 

For those wondering: Yes, I'm stopping blogging to write Gears. The month is over half finished and the book isn't. This is a problem.


Ryan said...

Yeah, I figured that you would be busy with the Con. I got inspired by your backlog blog and started playing Metroid Prime, and I'm about an hour or two from finishing. I'll jump on MP2:E as soon as I've finished.

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