Anbar August - Stat Tracking

on Thursday, August 11, 2011
My friend Jason has constructed a rather interesting excel document. Basically, its a pretty version of a stat-tracker that lets you set writing goals, put in your amounts (time/word count), and provides useful facts like daily averages, totals so far, etc. It's a neat thing.

Probably the coolest part is he's put all of writing group on it, which is inspiring "friendly" competition. Plus, since we are all trying to get a wordcount in every day, if you fail hard we all know it. Solid motivator that (considering all I want to do is play Fallout 3 on my computer all day long).

I'm getting about 3k average, which isn't awful but should be much higher. Gears is easy to write dialogue for, but descriptions slow me down. I've noticed that about my pacing: when people are talking, writing is easy. When people aren't...I tend to trudge along. Which is probably why Effulgent Corruption took so long.

So anyway I don't have much more to say. Here's a quote and more Bastion music. Yeah, exciting blog day.

The larger boy laughed, though it was more of a series of snorts and huffs. “Cevan? Why are you named after a number anyway? Were your parents some sort of idiots?”
Well, so much for this being a friendly confrontation, I frowned. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I said nothing, just letting my expression harden.
The big boy apparently hadn’t expected this, because he gave my shoulder a shove. “Oh, come off it, don’t go pouting like a big baby. We know you are a rich boy, must be if the head Spoke of all of Tempered is sponsoring you. The question is, why is he wasting money on an idiot? You know less about chemistry than my baby sister, and you shoot about as good too. What’s your story?”
Oh, you have no idea. I grit my teeth.
“Sorry, I’m not partial to sharing it with assholes. Just one of my tenets.” I quipped, actually feeling pretty clever at using 'tenets’ in a sentence.

- Gears of Anbar, Chapter 8 - Ashe


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