Blog Resurrection

on Sunday, January 15, 2012
So you may have remembered the ill-fated Backlog Blog that I started up a while back in some attempt to blog more about video games and beat all the tons I have.

Needless to say, since then I've gotten a billion more retro games and not made any progress on my backlog. Brilliant, I know.

But you'll be pleased to know I've revived the blog as Nathan vs Video Games, with a new link and a new layout that doesn't look like some ghetto thing from the early 2000s. For now I will be focusing almost entirely on video game reviews, with a goal of writing one review every day this year (in addition to actually writing fiction every day this year) until I run out of games. I will be primarily doing modern games (PS2 onward), but every Wednesday I will be doing a Retro game review.

If you have any requests for reviews, let me know. I'm going to try and burn through my entire Xbox 360 library of games I've beaten, which should give me a hefty amount of content, but I'm also willing to try new games. I also will review games as I beat them (like today's review of Rayman: Origins) so that the reviews will be fresh.

I will also admit the reviews might not be the most exciting things to start with, but I'm certain my annoying and snarky attitude will pull through on my reviews eventually. Just wait until I review games I hate; that should prove interesting.

On the writing front, I'm still churning out words every day. I found you can stream Series 9 of Q.I. over the internet (hooray!) so my wife and I have something to watch again. After that we are considering taking the plunge into Dr. Who, though I'm not so certain I'm ready for it.

So I can keep pretending this is a writing blog, here's a bit from Death's Aria.

“Eat.” He [Greder] told Aria. “Though you won’t feel hunger in our world, that doesn’t mean your body no longer requires sustenance to survive.”
“So I did get the better end of the deal,” Simon chuckled, “seeing as there’s no way I can die again.
“No,” Greder leaned back in his chair, “for you, spirit, it will just help stave it off.”
“Stave what off? Hunger?”
Simon blinked, opening his mouth to ask the obvious question and then stopped. He finished his bread in silence.


Anonymous said...

Reviews: More RPGs, fewer platformers.
Any RPG that Bec hasn't played yet but should, so as to encourage her to get going before she reads your spoiler-laden review.
XBox v Playstation v Wii v PC.

Nathan Major said...

Your wish is my command. Prepare for a Lost Odyssey review shortly.

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