The end comes

on Sunday, January 22, 2012
The book is coming to a close. Which means I start killing. 

So I just finished writing what is essentially the biggest climax in the novel (and it isn't the last one...fancy that) and arguably the most major hurdle before the end. And you know what? It feels good.

I haven't finished a book since August, which is actually pretty much par for the coarse with my writing. For some reason, from January - September I can usually write every single day, but when we hit the first half of the winter months my brain totally shuts off.

I'm pretty sure it's because the weather is crappy and makes it so I can't write outside. Thanks a lot, Utah.

Anyway, the point is that we are on the downward slope to finishing book numero ocho (that's "number eight" for the English folk). This one had a bit of a rough start, with me writing basically just a few chapters in December before dropping it due to the holidays, but I've been writing frequently and my daily word count has been steadily increasing, so I think we are on a good role here.

Which also means this is about the time I start figuring out what my next book is. Uh oh.

I secretly want to write a sequel to Death's Aria, but I know that's the lazy way out. Sequels are (for me anyway) much easier to write than first novels. Your characters are already established, you usually have some pre-defined conflicts so you can be light on the infodumping, and it's like going back to an old friend. It's fun, but not what I'm going to do. Death's Aria is very much a standalone novel with a hefty amount of sequel potential, but I will be holding off until it (or if it) sells.

I also have to decide if my next book will be YA or Adult. I have (as previously counted over Gchat by a friend) 21 options available, either follow-ups to previous books, rewrites, new ideas, or edits. Now I just get to pick one and hope it's the one I want. Naught But Glass is a good idea, but then wasn't the time for it (and I'm not sure if now is the time for it, either). Death's Aria ended up going much better, but we'll see if it's been long enough since Effulgent Corruption for another massive epic fantasy novel.

Expect a full report when I finish Death's Aria. I'm continuing to do daily reviews on my video game blog, as well as starting a Sunday "weekly roundup." Also, if you like video games and have a game you want me to review, feel free to post a request. I'd be more than happy to blather my opinions all over my blog for ya.


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