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on Wednesday, January 18, 2012
I couldn't think of a good header, so here's this thing from my "stupid crap" folder. Click it to see full size. 

If you've been watching my word count thingy on the sidebar (which, honestly, I hardly update so it wouldn't be surprised if nobody cares) I've been churning out a decent number of words these past several days. I managed to do 4k yesterday (in addition to writing two game reviews) which, while hardly my best (13k on Effulgent Corruption in one day, if I remember correctly, followed by 11k on Where Gods and Mortals Dance) is a step up compared to my recent slew of averages. I've been doing around 1,500 each day which, while passable doesn't meet my universal standard minimum of 2,000. We'll see if I can get it bumped up.

The good news is I'm finally getting really into this book (now that it's almost over...). Death's Aria has been sort of a "I really want to write this" project in the back of my mind for a long time, so getting it off my chest will be a relief. After that we'll do a speed edit before setting it aside and working on another project, as is usual, and I'll need some alphas/writing group to take a gander at it before I start a submitting spree.

I've decided my project following isn't going to be Naught But Glass, at least not right away. I'm actually planning on editing Effulgent Corruption, the start of what will probably be months and months of massive edits. I have a particular alpha reader who gives excellent comments, and she has been very uplifting in helping me decide that I really do want to give this book a second chance. Of course, this will mean cutting at least 1/3 of the book so it'll even be worth sending off, but I'm really excited to return to that world after leaving it for so long, and I'm hoping after some serious cleaning up this will return to its spot as my "best book ever."

Steelgods submissions have so far been fruitless, though I did have many, many requests for partials and one for a full this time, so we'll mark that as improvement (though honestly I think it was the query letter). If anybody who I submitted to reads this blog (odds are low...): thanks for the time to consider it; it's a big morale boost, even if you decide it isn't for you. That also means you'd better watch your inboxes for Death's Aria soon. ;)

I've been writing every day, and I'm trying to bump my other blog's reviews to two a day, so we'll see. Keep an eye on it! If only to see the insane number of video games I've played over the years. :D

That's it from me. Keep on writing.


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