on Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Today is internet blackout day. I was going to make a long post about how the internet has changed my life (me being very much the generation that fully embraced it culturally), earned me dozens of friends, provided me with a positive outlet for much of my creativity (and lots of time wasting), taught me hundreds of things, helped me woo my wife, made it so I could keep in contact with people I cared about that otherwise I'd never see again, presented me with new ideas, and generally changed the whole world as we know it...

...but everybody else pretty much had it covered, so I will just leave you with three things.

1. The Wikipedia blackout page gave me very literal chills. Screen-shotted here for posterity:

2. If you don't understand SOPA, PLEASE watch this video. Then everything will make perfect sense.

3. Contact your representative and let them know how you feel. This is big business trying to pull the wool over your eyes and saying it won't hurt the internet. It will. We are still a nation "By the people" (or I'd like to think so). Make your voice be heard.

And whatever you do, don't read @mpaa on twitter. Their half-truths and false information is so disgusting I can hardly stand it.


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