Happy Birthday to my wife!

on Friday, January 13, 2012
My lovely wife's birthday is today! Yay! We are celebrating by eating greek food at our favorite greek place (which is also super cheap) and then visiting all the stores/restaurants that give you free stuff on your birthday and cleaning them out.

You can celebrate her birthday by visiting and following her blog! She updates every day and posts fun things to cook, play (either on your tv or on a table :P), and read. So go check it out.

I'll celebrate by posting a picture of ALL OUR PLUSHIES. THERE ARE LOTS.
If you can name what all of these are from, you are smart. Or you just read my wife's blog. 

In writing news, I am steadily writing every single day, though only about 1,500 every day. I'm trying to push myself back up to the usual 2,000 but it has proven oddly difficult; we'll see if I can manage it tonight. It's just this dumb book keeps hitting good stopping points every 1,500 words...thanks a lot, book.

And look, here's a bit from it because I haven't done that in a while and I need to pad this blog post. So here goes.

“Hey,” Aria said, knowing she couldn’t let the conversation die, for Simon’s sake. “You said you sang, right? And you wanted us to play a duet?”
“What song was it?”
Simon looked away from her, but it wasn’t because he was searching for unseen foes. Aria saw his ears turning red, the massive loss of his composure abnormal for him.
“Just a duet for violin and bass. Bach.”
“Which one?”
Simon shrugged. “You probably don’t know it.”
“Oh really? Try me.”
Simon gave her a sideways smile. “Seriously, it isn’t that well known.”
“Seriously yourself; don’t forget who you are talking too. I’m the creepy violin girl, remember?”
“Oh, right.” Simon rolled his shoulders, breathing in a sigh. “It was part of the St. Matthew Passion.”
“Which part?”
“You can’t possibly know all the parts; there’s like seventy or something.”
“Come on, just tell me.”
Simon sighed, defeated. “Fine. It was the Gebt mir meinen Jesum wieder.”
Aria paused, processing the information. “The Gebt mir meinen Jesum wieder.”
“Your accent is pretty awful, but yes.”
Aria blinked. “The aria.”
Simon flushed even redder. “Ah…yes.”
“So you were going to have Aria play an aria while you sung.”
“That was the plan.”
Aira couldn’t help herself; she started laughing.

- Death's Aria, Chapter some number in the teens


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