Death's Aria is finished

on Sunday, January 29, 2012
I am pleased to report that book #8, Death's Aria is FINISHED!

Yay! Party time!

Final word count: 95,756 words

As usual, here's the magic Wordle, which crashes most of my web browsers but I have outsmarted it (this time)!

Once again, I use the words "back," "just," and "like" more than I probably should

For a book about Death, his name is pretty small in there. I guess it's easy to see who the main characters are, I guess. stats time I guess? Unfortunately, I only started tracking stats starting in January, so here are those (based on January):

Words written in January: 63,815
Average words a day: 2,200
Average words an hour: 2,148
Total Time in January: 29.7 hours
Daily time average: 1.024 hours (I should really bump this up)
Days passed total since start: 60 days
Days spent actually writing: 37 days (took most of December off)

And here is some random book stats nobody cares about

Amount of Terry Pratchett I ripped off: Hopefully not too much
Crappy, rushed romances: NONE! (I've been trying to work on this...)
Number of big nasty beasties: Four
Number of big infodumps I'll need to trim: Two
Chapters at the beginning I'll be editing right now: Four - Five
Characters in this book I sort of don't like in their current state: One
Paradise Seekers references: One (there's one in Steelgods as well, if you've read both you might have caught it, but this one is more blatant)
Amount of screentime Death actually gets: Not a lot (some at the beginning and some at the end)
Number of violin songs I had to look up on youtube as research: Ten
Number of times I had to ask my violinist brother for advice: Once

And lastly, this book (which I've been really quiet regarding the details about both on here and in my writing group, which is weird) is an urban/epic fantasy hybrid, with emphasis on the "urban" though one would argue it gets more epic at about the half-way point. This is my first attempt at YA urban fantasy, inspired by the Writing Excuses episode about not selling yourself short by sticking to just one genre.

Speaking of which, this was more of a pet project than something I planned a lot for, since I (I've told this story on my blog before) found a .docx file on my computer titled "Violin girl," that only had one sentence in it about Death's daughter playing the violin for him. From it spawned this whole story, so that's pretty cool I guess.

So now...current plans!

This week is going to be super busy. I work Monday-Saturday for six hours each day, with Thursday off but on Thursday I'm going to to Salt Lake for an internship all day. So basically this week is going to be the week from hell (good thing I finished the book today).

Since I still intend on writing at least 250 words a day, even between projects, I'm going to be editing the first bit of Death's Aria this week, then setting it aside (or giving it to insistant alpha readers). Following which I will begin working on Death And Doom Project 2012 (tm): Editing Effulgent Corruption. However, to be certain my word count still exists, I will be writing several short side stories starring specific characters from the novel, so that I both get words out and am still writing in the world I'll be editing in. The first is about Minerva, the only female Corrupter in Effulgent Corruption, and these will be totally discovery writing so it should be interesting/awful once it's finished.

That's it from me. Eight books down, who knows how many to go before I finally sell one. I have high hopes with this one (it's more "marketable" than my others), so we'll see how it all turns out. Thanks for reading!


Charlie Holmberg said...

Ha ha, I like the "number of violin songs I had to look up on YouTube" ;)

Congrats! I'm eager to read it! Your YA is going to be longer than my epic. ;_;

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