Steelgod September: Day One

on Wednesday, September 1, 2010
It officially has begun. The "write a book in a month or die trying" adventure that will take the rest of September. We kickstarted it right, with Writing Group 1.0 coming over, then procrastinating and getting distracted for like an hour and a half, and FINALLY writing.

I got 3,505 today, which isn't bad considering I did it in just under an hour and a half. What makes it...less good it about 1,000 of it was original, and the rest was me editing/rewriting the writing prompt (first chapter) from a few months back that inspired the story. Cheap? Maybe. But I wrote enough and did enough editing for me to count it as my daily 2.5k (and also it helped me remember exactly what was going on).

What was surprising was how the prologue turned out. I'd originally planned one thing, and it turned into something completely different, and probably a billion times better. See? Discovery writing at work. Anyway, not only was it cool in a "this idea is awesome" sense, but it also gave me an idea for how the prologues for the rest of the series (should it ever be written) will work as well. I really like it (and it's written in first person present, a first for me [pun...intended?])

Anyway, expect obnoxious updates, hopefully daily, as I charge through this. I figure each day will be a complete chapter, which will give a great sense of accomplishment as well as give an "open and closed" feel to the writing. We'll see.

Also, I'm branding this as "YA Epic Fantasy," because I can. The only modern book that comes to mind that might fit this category is the Eragon series (which Steelgods is not like at all), but that means there's a lack, and I'm gonna fill it!

And you get daily quotes too. Lucky you.

The only problem currently is the book has no title yet. Yeah, I can't figure one out. I can think of ones for later books, just not this one. I guess it'll come in time.

"I point my index finger of my right hand into the sky, its tip a bright beacon in the all-encompassing night. I swallow, blinking several times, staring at my illuminated finger.
I must do this. They must know.
The writing comes easy, my finger etching into the air fast and sure, the light cutting the ash-filled skyline like a diamond. Each letter is embellished, whether out of habit or with some long-forgotten hope that one will someday read it, I’m not sure. Still I continue to write, first a word, than two, than a full sentence and a second. I stop, and take a step back. The words I have written float before me in the air, glowing with the same rhythmic pulse emanating from my finger.
I am the Destroyer of the World. This is my story.
And without a second look at the blight surrounding me, at the world I damned, I write. And I do not stop until it is all remembered. "
- Might of the Steelgods Book One


Ben Godby said...

Steelgods... Steelgods. Yes. Me likes. Very metal. You ought to find yourself some old Manowar albums to listen to while you write. Probably that one where the lead singer sings about being physically composed of Black Wind, Fire, and Steel. The general "Let's wear leather and fight each other" attitude will undoubtedly carry forward any epic fantasy worth its grits.

Good luck. I, too, am attempting to churn forth a novel this month. It is about demons, wizards, and foppish artificers! Woohoo!


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