Might of the Steelgods - Postmortem

on Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Alright people, here's where it gets fun. Nathan posts random crap about the book he just wrote! Ready? Go!

Wordcount Totals
Total Word Count: 94,764 words
Total Days: 29
Average Per Day: 3,268 words
Days Missed: 2
Days I Wrote: 27
Average Per Days Actually Spent Writing: 3,510 words
Total Chapters: 28, plus Prologue and Epilogue 
Chapters I Think Suck: 2

Wordcount for what I consider the first act: 37,706 words
Wordcount for what I consider the second act: 23,608 words
Wordcount for what I consider the third act: 33,299 words
How surprised I am considering this actually is kind of balanced: Very

Viewpoint, Characters, and World
Viewpoint: First-person semi-limited (the book is a "retelling" from future Cevan)
Main Characters Introduced: 6 (Cevan, Devent, Rosemary, April, Roc, Divine)
Number of Chapters Containing the actual physical appearance of...
Cevan: All of them (viewpoint character, ho!)
Devent: 7
Rosemary: 12
April: 9
Roc: 6
Divine: 6
Gears of Anbar: 4
Peacemakers: 6
Number of regions in the world: 3 (Tempered Lands, Steel-Imbued Domain, Blight)
Number actually visited in this book: 1 (Tempered, maybe a touch of Blight but not true Blight)
When I finally got around to drawing a final map: Act 2

Random Things
Number of Steelgods Actually Seen in the Book: 0
Number of times I actually use the phrase "Might of the Steelgods" in some form or another in the text: 2
Number of times I use the phrase "Destroyer of the World": 35
Steampunk elements that crept in: 2-3
Days spent planning the book before I actually began: Uh...maybe 2 at most?
Chapter location when I finally outlined the rest of the book: 17 (out of 29)
Battles/fights completely discovery written: All of them (about 5? 6?)
Number of times people got killed in ways one might consider "gruesome": 2
Number of people who died on screen: 13 (I think. The battle at the end got kind of crazy)
Number of people Cevan kills with his freaking sword he hauls around the entire book: 0 (way to go, dude)

Stuff I need to fix
Things I think I overused: blinking, sighing, glaring, hissing
Things I think I underused: A Thesaurus

Series Ideas
Number of books before Cevan sees April again: 2
Number of books before Cevan sees Roc again: 1
Number of books before Cevan sees Divine again: 1

Wordle: Might of the Steelgods
Word it seems I used the most: back (weird)

Enough useless crap for you?
I'll be re-reading it (probably during my classes and during breaks at work) this week, and also do some minor editing bits during that time. After that, anybody who I know well enough can feel free to request the rough draft, so long as they realize it's a rough draft.

If anything, you should read it for the final fight scene, because it's badass.

Well, that's it. Steelgod September is closed. But we still have one day left in September? Hmmm. What else starts with "S" that I could name this last day of the month after?

PS That's right, it's totally Starcraft 2 September tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Whoah whoah, watch the spoilers!

Though I found this interesting. And funny.

Also, my first draft of CSH, which took 4 months to write, was 91k. You wrote 94 k in 27 days.

That's disgusting. I hate you in a very admirable way.

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