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on Thursday, June 16, 2011
I'm winning the war on terror. And by terror I mean my book trying its damnedest to kill me. That's right, book! You won't beat me!

Point being I'm churning around 4-5k a day despite work and all that other junk. I haven't ignored gaming or other life things completely, but they are sitting back on the "hiatus" section of...stuff.

What probably helped is I have a clear outline of what Part 5 has left, and with that I can say it's around 50-60% finished already. According to my rough estimate, I have about (does a quick brain check) 7-8 "parts" left, and can usually churn out 1-2 parts a day (depending on how long or if I get distracted by the characters doing their own dumb things).

After that we have Part 6, and then Part 7 is the grand finale, where basically all our viewpoint characters ram into each other and nothing good comes of it. AWESOME.

So I'm winning. I'm not dead yet. I will finish this book or die trying.


CNHolmberg said...

"What probably helped is I have a clear outline of what Part 5 has left".


Nathan Major said...

But I don't write anything down, so it doesn't count.

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