Effulgent Corruption - I will finish this book if it kills me

on Monday, June 13, 2011
I'm frustrated. Not with Effulgent Corruption, I think the book is going very well. I'm frustrated because of how damn long this book is taking to finish. It's been almost six and a half months since I started, and I still have a decent distance to go. The thing is also a massive 250,000 words already, and probably has another 75-100k left before it'll end.

The only reason this is causing such irritation is I had plans for this year. Plans such as writing five novels, for instance. Writing Steelgods book two. Having EC editing before WorldCon in August. Those kinds of plans.

I know the year is only half over, but it still rubs me the wrong way. I am aware that I edit Paradise Seekers and epubbed it in this time. I'm also aware I have a job that sucks away my life. But those excuses only prove to further agitate me.

Point being: I need to finish this book. Which means I might do something drastic.

Drastic like quit video games for the rest of June. Really. I'm CRAZY. 

I've been thinking it over. Once Part 5 is finished Part 6 will go by fairly quickly. The final part (Part 7) is basically where everything collides and wraps itself up all nicely. That will go by fast as well, especially since the end will actually be a foreseeable distance away.

This isn't the longest I've spent on a book. Truth be told, for the word count, I'm running at about my usual pace (minus the "one-month YA explosions"). I just can't help but think I could have churned out two books in this time had they been shorter, and that bugs me. But quality over quantity, right?

We'll see how it goes. I'm between games and have no real commitments (minus jobs, church, and piano lessons). If I could write 5-6k a day I'd probably get this finished by June's end. Can I actually do it?

Dammit, I've got to try at least.

Now that you've heard me getting all emo, know everything with the book is going well. Writing Group: Summer Edition is fun and good motivation. I'm just ready to move on.

Here's a bit from what I wrote yesterday.

Deviar suddenly ran up the stage, raising a cane into the air to a smattering of cheers. He had changed his clothes – gone was the brown riding garb and in its place were a hideous collection of colorful garments. He even had a red flowing cape, clashing horribly with his blue ruffled shirt. Ciara couldn’t hold back a small snort, and she caught Kika giggling as well.
“He looks like a peacock,” she whispered as the idiot slaver paraded back and forth in front of them.
“He looks like a fool.” Ciara shook her head. “Does he think Kian dress like that? Is he trying to be dignified?”


CNHolmberg said...

I'm pro ditching the video games. Admittance of a problem is the first step to recovery. ;)

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