Updates: EC is a trilogy, Nier is still awesome, I am less emo

on Monday, June 27, 2011
So, my apologize for leaving it on an emo post for so long. I'm feeling much better (though still depressed, but we could blame allergies).

Here are a few highlights of the past couple of days:

- Part 5 is extremely close to being finished. On that note...
- I finally figured out everything that makes Part 5 fit together perfectly, and finally has that "punch" I wanted every part to have. So far #5 has been...a thing that happened but doesn't really hit home in ways I want all the parts to. I want them all to be winners, and 5 wasn't. Luckily, with some brainstorming and awesome ideas I think it'll end with a bang.
- Effulgent Corruption will be a trilogy to tell the entire story. Book 1 (aka the one I'm currently writing) will be standalone, but the full story has been semi-planned in three parts. And on that..
- I figured out everything. Yes, everything. When I discovery write, I usually leave a lot of open threads just for fun and decide later whether or not to use them (or cut them). Effulgent Corruption has TONS of these, and for the most part I was worried because I couldn't tie them together. Well, that's fixed. Everything makes sense.
- Everything is awesome, this book is going to blow your freaking mind. By book I mean trilogy, but this book will too. They way everything pieces together makes me extremely excited, and being able to drop hints towards it in this book is a blast. It's going to rock.

I've been writing about 3-4k a day on Effulgent Corruption, with the hope that tomorrow I'll finish Part 5 and move on to Part 6. I can almost taste the ending of this thing, I just have to force my way through to the end. Then...editing.


I am still loving Nier, even though I lent my copy out. I managed to convince two friends (now three) to play it, and one just beat it and is raving about it. I don't know what else to say besides the story is completely mind blowing, the game works great, the music is insanely good.
I mean just LISTEN to it (crap gets real at ~2:50)

At any rate, I think everybody should play this game and get all the endings. It's a story that could only have worked in its current medium (games), which is something many games don't do (most games don't even care about stories, which is too bad). Nier is easily going down as one of my favorite games of 2010, and certainly one of my favorite games ever.


Aside from that, I got great feedback on Might of the Steelgods from a friend who was looking it over, and now I'm excited to both edit it and write Gears of Anbar. I'm also pumped for WorldCON, though I need to finish Effulgent Corruption before I really think too much about it. I'm also at work right now (4-10pm...ugh) so maybe I'll go write...right now? 

New writing group is going well and good, getting to read some solid stuff and also helpful criticism. That's about it from me; keep on truckin.


Ryan said...

Yeah, the soundtrack is pretty killer.

CNHolmberg said...

Oh yeah. Writing group. I need to do that.

I'm glad you're excited for the story! Makes me want to read it. (All 2 billion words of it, ha)

William B. Kamffer said...

Good on ya, sir. I know what you mean by a single book forcing itself into something longer, so good luck on the expanded project.

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