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on Wednesday, June 8, 2011
I'm making another post because the first one has actually been in limbo since Sunday. I finally got mad and just finished it, which is why my rant ended abruptly and without a coherent conclusion like my books M I RITE?!.

Chapter 1 of Part 5 is done. This part might be longer than anticipated, but Part 6 won't, and Part 7 is just the end of the freaking book. Going to finish this thing if it kills me.

On the game front I've been playing Nier on Xbox360. It is basically like an adult Zelda game with horrible side quests (hey, just like Zelda!). It also has bad graphics and the gameplay is just so-so. However, it is a really well written game, excellently voiced, and has a very distinct personality. If you like games with solid stories, you should consider checking it out.

Also the music is great. Have a gander.

 Excited to see where Part 5 will go, but all my goodwill from Part 4 got eaten when I realized I don't have as tightly knit a plan for Part 5. It still works well, but...it won't be as strong, unless I have a world shattering epiphany. I guess every single part of the book doesn't have to be mindblowing, but I'm going for consistency here, people.

That's about it from me today. Expect some more later. Again, trying to find a part that isn't a massive spoiler, but that might not be possible from this section. So you get something boring.

Ciara awoke to a sore head, throbbing face, and aching arm. Her revival into consciousness came paired with a reaction – one part scream, one part gasp – that shook her like a rattling doll. Her hands flew to her cheek, then quickly retreated as touching her face sent another pulse of pain.
Dead Six, she gingerly brushed against her face in an attempt to better understand what was going on. What has happened? 
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