Post 199, Part 5 is freaking done.

on Tuesday, June 28, 2011
After 10,500 words today, Part 5 - Purity's Saints is finished. Hooray! Party.
That leaves two parts to go. Hooray!
That's about it. Back to Rook, and then the clash of worlds.

Here's the start of Part 6. I'd be more excited about this but I'm sick and also tired. So there you go.

"With all the skill of a master surgeon, Rook rammed the shard of Gangrene into the Zealot's eyelid."
- Initation, Effulgent Corruption


Cholisose said...

Way to go--10k is a lot. I did that once to try wrapping up a book (still needed another week or so for it, though).

CNHolmberg said...

Um. 10k. I think I just wet myself with jealousy.

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