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on Friday, June 3, 2011
Churned out a decent 4k on Effulgent Corruption yesterday. Part Four is, at last, drawing to its close. It's about 1/2 - 2/3 the length of the other parts, which I feel is because I'm not bloating it down with unnecessary descriptions. As stated before, the editing of parts 1-3 is going to be something of legend.

Paradise Seekers is doing well on the epubbing scene. Sales are reasonably slow, as to be expected, but as an experiment it's been fun. It's forced me out of my "I write and that's it" shell and made me network, advertise, and sell myself. Even if I don't choose to continue using ePublishing as the primary method to distribute my work (I'm still shooting for the traditional route), I feel the experience has helped me significantly. Realizing your sales are almost entirely in your hands (at least the start-up) is good motivation to get out there and talk about yourself.

It's also garnered quite a few very nice reviews. Thanks to everyone who reviewed it so far; it's been helpful both to get the word out as well as helped me as a writer take advice. I really mean it: thanks a ton. (and if I promised you reviews, don't worry: they are coming. I'm just not an exceptionally fast reader :/)

My goal (as stated) is to finish Part Four by Sunday evening at the latest. I bet you are all tired of hearing about my goals. WELL, TOO BAD. I also have to brainstorm Part Five, because I have basics but nothing solid.

I will be "article swapping" with Joe Vasicek regarding how we develop characters (or something of that sort). He'll be writing regarding character development in sci-fi, while I'll be tossing my opinion on the fantasy end. Considering the reason I started writing is I read a chunk of fantasy and thought "these have cool worlds and stories, but why don't I give two craps about the characters?" this should be a fun write and hopefully an interesting read. I've always considered character development the single most important point of a story. Books that stagnate on plot can still be enjoyable if the characters are interesting enough. If that point falls into place, the rest will rise to meet it.

More later. That's a taste, a "teaser" if you will of what will undoubtedly be the greatest article you've ever read. So...get ready for it and hit up Joe's blog when it goes live.

We also are reinstating Writing Group, which I have dubbed version 3.5. It's basically the same group we had during Spring with the fat cut (minus Adam, who is never fat.). It consists of Derek, Jason, and Chuck this time around, and should be entertaining. Go summer writing. Also, if you live in Provo (or the Utah area and have Skype and a computer with a microphone) you can be part of this action if you REALLY want to. I'm not making promises at this point, but we might be able to squeeze one more person in.

That's it from this end. Keep it real, keep on writing.


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