Effulgent Corruption Quote

on Thursday, June 16, 2011
I forgot to tail end one on the previous post, but rather edit it I'm just giving this its own post BECAUSE IT'S MY BLOG AND I'M CRAZY.

Ciara felt very self-concious, but she wasn’t going to hide who she was; not now, not ever. “It was mine. I was a Kian in Finalia, before a Corrupter took me and sold me to that bastard Deviar.”
“A Kian?” Nierta laughed, gently taking Ciara’s Marked hand in hers. “With this? Is Finalia accepting Marked as leaders these days, or are you already going mad?”
Ciara considered a response, but before she could Kika interrupted.
“She isn’t mad, Miss Nierta. She’s…she’s Marcus Divinious’ daughter.”
Nierta’s eyes widened further, and she stared up at Ciara’s face in surprise. Ciara blinked, expecting the examination to last only a minute, but Nierta kept staring. At last she couldn’t take it anymore.
“You…are you a Saint?” Nierta whispered.

- Effulgent Corruption - Hope


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