Effulgent Corruption started, Paradise Seekers alpha readers update.

on Thursday, June 10, 2010
I am sitting next to three spiral bound copies of the alpha version of Paradise Seekers. They look nice, very nice. I feel like a real author with these things.

And now I have to say goodbye to them as I give them out to people. Here's a list of those I currently know want to be alpha readers. If you aren't on here, you'd better shoot me an email or facebook message or comment.

Hard Copy - Chuck, Rosalia, Sarah, Derek, Jason
Electronic Copy - Sam, Braden, Alex, Eric

I currently only have three copies (as stated above), so one is going to the ETS crew, and the rest I'll figure out later.

Thanks for helping!

I also began Effulgent Corruption tonight, meaning I wrote a prologue and like three paragraphs. Yeah, it might take me a while to get into this story (and I need to do more planning, honestly), but at least it has a file on my computer now (and a quick-link in the dock) so I can no longer ignore it.

Here's the first sentences, from the prologue and chapter 1 accordingly

"On the day the gods died, the Gangrene crystals appeared."
- Effulgent Corruption, Prologue

"Drake's second life began almost exactly the same as his first: naked, screaming, and with excruciating pain racking his entire body."
- Effulgent Corruption, Chapter 1

I'm excited for this story, though it still needs some planning. The purpose is to keep me writing (even if I'm going to be focusing on editing WGMD for an alpha release soon), even if it's just 500 words a day (which it currently is). As always, stuff can be fixed in the first edit.

That's it! Those expecting electronic copies, and the ETS hard copies will be getting them tomorrow. Everyone will get an email with the list of questions I'd like you to answer after reading (instructions will be in the email). Thanks again for the help!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited! Am I allowed to write in the hard copies? (You'll have to answer in an email, as I won't be coming back to check your comments.)

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