on Monday, June 14, 2010

Week Dates: 6/7 - 6/13, 2010.
Total Word Count This Week (Effulgent Corruption): 3,761.
Words Total for Effulgent Corruption: 3,761


Excerpts from this week: 

       One cannot go far before hearing this preaching. Claiming that this is the power of the gods themselves, the ability to manipulate the world around them, the chance to bring a greater light to the inhabitants therein. They say the gods gave us this gift, the Gangrene. They say that is why they left, because their love for us was so great.
I do not believe that.
I do not believe the gods left the crystals for us. I do not believe they died to bestow us some final gift, a taste of their power.
The gods left us because they saw what I see: A people doomed to be consumed by an ever growing, ever spreading corruption. They didn’t leave out of mercy. They didn’t leave us a gift. They gods were not benevolent. 
They left because they didn’t want to take responsibility when the world burned. Burned until it was naught but ashes.
They left us to die.
- Effulgent Corruption - A Note

         Drake stretched forward his right hand, placing it, he estimated, in front of a considerable distance. Then, with a flexing of the wrist, he pushed into where his palm should be. 
A flame, brilliant and orange, ignited from his hand. It started at the palm. where Drake could now see a shining rock, glistening in the sudden light. As he continued to push, fire also  popped out from his fingers, licking across the skin and nails as it flickered in the dark room.
By Xazion’s dead body, Drake’s eyes widened as they adjusted to the light. I...I’ve been Marked
- Effulgent Corruption - Newcomer


Slower week, as you can see. I spent most of it preparing for a test, trying to get pumped to start Effulgent Corruption, writing three papers, finishing handing out and messing with Paradise Seekers, and other things. Also, I think since I wrote two full-length books so far this year, I deserve a few days break. Right? Maybe?

In either case, I am still writing a minimum of 500 words a day, which I'm certain will go up once my finals are over (I have two this thursday) and I can relax a bit. I'm also figuring out some of the key twists in Effulgent Corruption and how they pertain to both the characters and the first few portions of the book, and the plotting is going decently. No outline yet, probably won't make one, but we'll see. 

Paradise Seekers is out to the first batch of alpha readers, and I might have to print off more copies if I want people reading it. I am hoping to have enough feedback by mid July to start sending it out; I have a few agencies lined up I want to query, I just would like a near-complete manuscript (to the best of my ability) before spamming people. 

I also have been listening to Grave Peril (the third Dresden Files book, since I couldn't find a physical copy I got the audiobook), and it is both fantastic and time-consuming. I think it wouldn't be far to say that I feel these books better suited for audiobook format. They just work this way. I'll have a review for both Fool Moon and Grave Peril up shortly. 

Other then that, not much going on. I'm trying to play through and beat Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, but besides looking great the game really isn't that fun. So far, I just mash "X" (accept) and I win every battle, maybe once in a while I throw potions if it is a boss. There's only one path forward, you don't get experience or level (yet? I hope)...you just run and mash "X." Fun. At least it's pretty and the music is nice, even if the voice acting makes me want to snap the disc in half (seriously, it's 2010. You had an excuse for bad voice acting in FFX because it was like eight years ago. But that was then, and this is now. You have no excuse for bad voice-overs in a world where Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, and Dragon Age exist). 

Well, expect more next week. Writing group and I are actually going back to the weekly critique thing, which is good. If you haven't bookmarked/google readered The Mansion House you really should; Jason had quite the talent for odd, off-the-wall humor. I find it incredibly entertaining. 


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