Mission Accomplished

on Thursday, June 24, 2010
Happiness is:
Finding every Dresden Files book from 5-9 in the library, two of which were just bought and put there today.

Yes, I checked them all out for myself because I'm a terrible person. And, yes, I'm going to read them ALL in the next three weeks. Don't judge me!

Now I just have to go through 8 more audiobook hours of Summer Knight since that (and Grave Peril) are the only two the library doesn't have in paper form available.

Edit: Ha ha, after digging through hardcover, I found Turn Coat and Small Favor, the last two. That's all of them, except Changes, which just came out. The check-out girl just about freaked out after being assaulted by eight Dresden Files books, all with some creepy looking Harry Dresden on the cover in various, similar poses. I have until July 15th to read them all (assuming I can't renew them). Let's see how this goes.

I'm going to take a picture tonight, ha ha.


Nathan Major said...

I like how I italicized Summer Knight but not Grave Peril. Fission Mailed.

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