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Week Dates: 5/31-6/6, 2010.
Total Word Count This Week (Paradise Seekers): 18,350.
Words Total for Paradise Seekers: 70,272


Excerpts from this week:

The forest was dark and musky smelling. Though it had appeared impenetrably dense from the outside, once I was inside the trees seemed sparse. Mist floated lazily around nearly every tree, so thick it was almost like pushing through molasses just to walk. The humidity was suffocating; I felt like I was breathing more air than water, and I immediately began to sweat. 
I can hardly see anything, I coughed, panting just to get enough oxygen to keep walking. Where did they go? And how on earth do they make their way around in this? 

-Paradise Seekers, Day Eight - The Southern Forest

Then, at that very instant, everything became perfectly clear. 

-Paradise Seekers, Day Nine - Julia


2,621 words a day average this week, which is pretty good considering I actually only did edits past Wednesday, meaning I didn't write much Thursday and Friday (though I seem to have put in about 1,000 words during edits, which is good, I suppose). I'm working on cleaning up the prose, which usually requires deleting a lot of over-description, but also requires adding description in parts because of ambiguity. I also am going to add a whole chapter in, which will bump the word count. This is based on early rough-draft readers.

Which, speaking of them, feedback has been quite positive. We had writing group over for a little while Saturday so we could discuss the problems they had and brainstorm solutions, and overall it worked out really well. Most of the problems are minor, and will be fixed in this next edit, so alpha readers won't have to deal with those small issues. 

So, once I finish that, I'm going to start editing WGMD as well, which is a much larger task. I'm considering breaking the book into it's already designated thirds, focusing on each as if they were their own whole so I don't feel overwhelmed. As I've stated before: I'm not great at editing, at least not without feedback first, so it makes this situation difficult. However, writing group has offered to critique one chapter at a time during the editing process, which should be very helpful. The problem is I go faster than they read, heh.

Re-reading Paradise Seekers, I'm really liking what I'm seeing. Writing it I didn't feel I was doing as well as I normally did, but I was in a "fantasy writing" mood, not a "YA writing" mood, which might have had something to do with it. Now I have to channel that inner epic fantasy writer if I'm going to switch back to Effulgent Corruption.

...or maybe I won't. While EF has been relatively well planned, I don't know if I'm up to such a large project just yet. I have my other YA idea that has only a very basic plot, but that's never stopped me before. I could probably write it by the end of August, should I start now. It's a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid I've been considering for a while. We'll see what I decide (though it'll probably be EF, honestly).

Good week! Keep on writing.

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Stormie said...

Shouldn't it be you were breathing more water than air since people typically breathe air? :) I don't what you mean if you have it the other way as seen above. Sounds fun though by the way.

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