New Layout

on Wednesday, June 2, 2010
To celebrate the completion of Paradise Seekers, I turned my blog all emo and black, because I realized everybody uses that template I was using before.
Some authors go out to eat to celebrate finishing novels. I change my blog layout. Exciting!
Feedback is appreciated (or, if you are my wife, you don't notice because you read all your blogs off Google Reader).

FOLLOW UP: Comments seem to have quit working for whatever reason. I'm going to be screwing with the blog's layout until I get them working again. For now, I'd suggest sticking with google reader. :P

FOLLOW UP 2: Comments are back, and a new, cleaner layout. Hooray?


Anonymous said...

It's pretty hard on the eyes, the small white text on the transparent blurry multi-colored lights background. :/

Nathan Major said...

I dun fixed it! :P

James said...

Love the new layout - feels fresh and easy to read

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