Writing Will Happen

on Tuesday, June 29, 2010
This has gone on for far too long.

Break's over, time to start writing again.

So, readers (all 13 of you), my commitment is thus: Starting this Friday at the latest (July 2nd), I will resume daily writing and keep a word-count goal.

The current goal will be set low as I get warmed up again: 1,000 words a day, minimum. As I gain confidence in whatever it is I decide to write (be it Effulgent Corruption or Graffiti), I'm sure the number will go up.

This will happen without excuse (waah I have a test next Tuesday!), complaint (I had family reunion all last weekend!) or otherwise (my toes are cold!). So, expect that shortly.

I am also still working on Dresden and co, but my pace will probably not be as relentless, as I don't have as much free time to sit around being antisocial anymore. So, there you go.

Onward. Time to write a fifth novel.


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