on Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Clocking in at 69,084 words, and 129 pages (single spaced), Paradise Seekers is complete! Here's some fun/pointless stats for you!

- It has 26 chapters. The shortest is the epilogue, which is half a page.

- On the epilogue, I'm deciding if I hate it or not. I'm going to let my kind rough-draft readers let me know.

- The plot within the book covers nine days. That's right, everything happens in nine days. I know, it surprised me too.

- I wrote the book in twenty-three (23) days, start to finish, not counting the bit I wrote a few months back then completely deleted from my hard drive because I hated it.

- That's an average of 3,003 words a day, which means that (on average) I met my minimum word-count goals. YAY! This is while doing school, going to CONduit, etc. Which is not bad at all.

Here's the Wordle (idea still stolen from Chuck):

Wordle: Pardise Seekers

Overall, writing Paradise Seekers was certainly a unique experience. Especially since it had so many "firsts." It was my first time since middle-school or high school writing from a first-person perspective. It was my first attempt at a young adult novel. It was the first full-length novel with modern lingo/writing (that was supposed to be there, at least). It was the first where the deeper meaning behind the novel plays such a huge role. And certainly other "firsts" I just can't think of right now because my brain is totally fried.

The point is, I really like this story. A lot. I hated it at least twice during the writing process, and considered quitting and just writing Effulgent Corruption. But, in the end, I'm glad I pulled through, because now I have a fourth novel to show for it.

Next up on the agenda: I'm probably taking tomorrow off (big surprise). My Xbox has felt a little lonely, and I've been wanting to finish Servant of a Dark God. Plus, sleeping in sounds really nice.

Then, I'm going to get my computer back, and do a basic "fix simple things that got messed up because of discovery writing" with Paradise Seekers. That'll probably take one writing day.

After that, I think WGMD has had enough of a break; I'm going to do a very basic "tightening" edit, as well as grammar, spelling, and just weird sentence fixes.

Then, on to the real editing/rewriting of WGMD, so I'll have an alpha reader copy out by mid-June at the earliest, end of the June at the latest.

Oh, and start Effulgent Corruption. Here's hoping the transition back from YA to epic fantasy isn't that hard.

That's it! I'm done! Shower me with praise!

And if you want a copy of the rough draft, let me know, but you'll have to wait until after I fix the little bitty discovery writing problems.

Keep on writing!


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