Blogger is back, and so am I

on Friday, May 13, 2011
3k-ish yesterday. Totally, 100% unplanned scene. I thought it went ok, don't know if it'll make it through a final edit. Moving this section/part pretty fast as I want this to get done.
I have a few key news items to address. Man, I sound like a boring person when I said that.


I now have dumb twitter. It isn't exciting, but it gives me something to do at work. I'm TheUselessGod (or Nathan Major) since for some reason I think Where Gods and Mortals Dance is still a good book despite re-reading it and only getting angry.
I will be talking about everything and nothing and crap and magic and all that goodness. So follow me and prepare to not care about anything I say.

Paradise Seekers vs Kindle

I'm going to (more than likely) throw Paradise Seekers up on the Kindle store after a final edit. I am not cashing all my chips in on this right now; I still fully intend to pursue traditional publishing with my adult fiction (and probably YA fiction).
However, I see this as an opportunity to test the waters, so to speak. I consider Paradise Seekers possibly my most "accessible" novel at this point, meaning it will find the broadest audience. It's also the most revised. If I were to put it up I'd do basic advertising here and among the other web circles I'm a part of.
Again, I'm not completely sold on the whole eBook frenzy a bunch of people (mostly indie authors) are getting themselves worked up about, but I do feel it is worth at least experimenting with. I might also put the Steelgods series up there should Paradise Seekers prove successful; considering I can write YA books in a month it would be easy to churn them out.
Also, if you have a Kindle, it would certainly be appreciated (once it comes out) if you, dear reader, would purchase a copy and review it on Amazon. Believe it or not, having a review (or more importantly, at least 10 for the double digit thing) is a huge deal on Amazon. It will be priced at a very reasonable $0.99 for a full length YA novel, so you are getting a good deal, ya? And if you have eBooks up I could return the favor. :)

Effulgent Corruption

Uh...not much to report. Still writing daily, no matter what. I even worked until 9 last night and still wrote (until 2 in the morning so now I'm dead tired, but it done). I still think this is the best book I've ever written (even though it isn't done) and fully intend to finish it by the end of June at the latest. I'm also considering a "cooldown" of editing Steelgods and also writing the second Steelgods in the two months following. I'll then decide where to go from there.

Well, that's it from me. Thanks for reading, follow me on twitter, support my eBook fiasco, and we'll get along just fine. If you have eBooks for sale and I somehow missed it on your blog, throw up a link in the comments and I'll be sure to go buy a couple. Just know $0.99 is my most tempting price point (and if you give me a free review copy I'll give you a guaranteed five stars! Just kidding. Maybe.).


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