Paradise Seekers and Effulgent Corruption - Now with 90% less whining

on Friday, May 27, 2011
So the last post was a bit...obnoxious, so I'm remedying it with this fantastic one.

Except I have little to say.

Paradise Seekers aka The eBook Revolution now has a glorious five reviews, and only two of them are from writing group (hey, nobody said that was against the rules!). If you bought the book or were an alpha reader, please review it! And my offer still stands to any other indie authors (or authors in general): if you review my book, I'll buy and review yours. Even if you didn't buy mine but pirated it, so long as you write a review the deal still holds. I'm just that generous.

But if you did pirate it, you are a cheap jerkface because it was freaking 99 cents. Just sayin'.

Effulgent Corruption is going well, if slowly. I finally got some writing done (Persona 4 and stressful work has been taking a chunk out of my motivation, as well as trying to get the word about Paradise Seekers out) and I am really liking the direction the novel is going. I realized this is probably the longest I've spent on a novel since my first, which again is motivation to get the dumb thing finished.

I'd estimate part 4 is half way finished already. As I said before, these ending parts are going to go fast, which means I'm going to have to substantially trim the earlier ones. In either case, I'm really enjoying watch pieces come together, especially since stuff you learned from the other characters directly and indirectly apply to what is going on here. Educating the reader in one situation, then testing their education in another. I really dig this when I'm reading books, and it's been a downright blast to do it in my own work.

After EC, as I mentioned, I'm going to Gears of Anbar to wind down. I'm also considering what to do with Steelgods. It needs an edit, but beyond that I'm torn between throwing it up on Amazon as soon as possible (having a large register of novels on there would almost certainly help with publicity), or actually submit it for traditional publishing. While it isn't the strongest of my novels I really enjoy the story (especially since it's my first fully-plotted series) and would like to at least give it the change for traditional publishing. We'll see how that goes.

I also am going to need an edited/sharable version of Effulgent Corruption by August for WorldCon, so that's another goal for the near-future. Man, I am not a huge fan of editing. But I'll do it anyway!

Back to Paradise Seekers, if you happen to review it and post it on your blog, again I'll return the favor. I don't require much to be happy, and having people read my books makes me happy. Also, doughnuts. Those make me happy too.

That's all from me today. Going to try and blaze through Part 4 this week. Hopefully CONduit motivates me.


William B. Kamffer said...

Finished PS, sir, and I'll be leaving you a review later today, and I'll feature your book on my blog this Wednesday. A good read. I enjoyed it. 4/5 (minus 1 for needing another edit, as I saw a number of errors). I was thinking "The Giver" most of the way through, and then thought a little of Tolkien's "Leaf by Niggle" as well. Good stuff. The "Gears" sample was tasty too.

Nathan Major said...

Why thank you kind sir. My father-in-law actually is sending me updates as he reads with every mistake, so once I decide I'm not mad at Amazon I'll upload a "more better" version.
And I'm about...10% in your novel? I'll be sure for a shout-out once I finish it. :)

William B. Kamffer said...

All right, I'll be sure to mention that in my review.
And thanks for the future shout-out.

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