Effulgent Corruption: Break over

on Wednesday, May 11, 2011
I took the previous two days semi-off in an attempt to recoop from the massive writing explosion over the weekend, but now I have no excuse and it's back to the grind.
I also joined Twitter. Add "TheUselessGod" to learn all about how boring I am.
As stated before, we are in Drake's part again, returning after a lofty ~120k of other people doing other things. Not surprising, I've totally forgotten how Drake functions. Really. I'm re-reading the first part to try and get back into it (but instead I'm finding stuff to critique which, while useful eventually, is just hindering me now) but I have a feeling it's going to be rough going for the first bit. I also forgot Zahed only speaks English/Finalian about 75% of the time, meaning I have to dig out that sheet of Diasarian words to put into his dialogue.
 I'm also mortified; I started this book in January, and it's freaking HALFWAY THROUGH MAY. That means I've spent four and a half months on this book so far and the end is still a ways off. This isn't how long it should take me to finish books; usually I'm done in three months, tops. I guess Where Gods and Mortals Dance took until...uh *checks blog* crap, May 4th of last year. So I've passed it. At least I've written more words in this time, if just barely. Point being: I'm wasting the year by taking so long. Time to pick up the pace and finish this, and move on to another month-book-a-thon.

In other news, going back and re-reading my old blog posts from the first two years of Brandon's class are both insightful and interesting. I'd like to think I've improved substantially as a writer since then, but seeing as I'm my own worst slash lenient critic, it would be hard to fully determine.

At any rate, back to the grind.


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