Effulgent Corruption: Part 3 is really almost done, for reals this time, I'm not lying. Seriously.

on Friday, May 6, 2011
I wrote over 6k yesterday in some vain attempt to finish Part 3. It didn't work.
Part 3 has 3 scenes left (COINCIDENCE?!), and an estimated 3-4 chapters (about a chapter for each scene, though the next one might take two chapters). I'd give it a rough 15k left until completion, maybe a little less.
This will also mark the first time in the book that two viewpoint characters' paths cross. So that's exciting. But don't worry, everything is going to mash together in a huge Effulgent Corruption pie in but a few moments.
In other news, I entered The Might of the Steelgods in a pitching contest (not like baseball), which got me thinking about actually editing it for reals this time. If it gets a mention in this contest I'll drop Part 4 temporarily and go wild editing it. If not, it'll have to wait its turn. I'm scared to stop Effulgent Corruption to edit Steelgods because last time I stopped EC it was almost impossible to come back to it.
At any rate, I can officially say the book is at least half over, at the bare minimum. I'm shooting for 2/3rds, but this dumb thing just keeps getting longer. IT IS BEYOND OUR CONTROL NOW, THIS IS WHAT WE GET FOR PLAYING GOD!

Anyway, toodles. Oh, and here's another Walrus.


Ryan said...

Pictures of walruses make everything better.

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