Paradise Seekers eBook - Up Tonight for Reals!

on Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Yeah I forgot it takes ~24 hours for an ebook to process before getting thrown up on Amazon/B&N. My bad.
Funny story: I fought with converter programs and formatting for weeks with this thing, culminating to me going onto my Windows side of my Mac Mini in order to download specific programs to convert my .doc to .mobi. It didn't work.
Then I read the actual upload instructions on Amazon and you can just throw a .doc on there. Guess what? It uploaded, converted perfectly, and was good to go. My weeks of work were for nothing.
Though I did get an .epub copy, which was helpful considering b&n's online converter is kind of awful.
I also wrote a fair amount in Effulgent Corruption. The realization the last book I finished was Steelgods back on the last day of September is motivating me. That's way too far back. Granted, I've done extensive editing since then (and written over 200k since January), but that isn't helping my case.
Point being: I'm going to work hard to finish Effulgent Corruption ASAP. I'll then probably take a two week break and then unwind by writing The Gears of Anbar. Steelgods still needs editing, but I'll burn that bridge when it is absolutely necessary.
Also, on pricing...I'm considering pushing Paradise Seekers up to the $3 price point after it's been out a few months (we'll see how sales go). The reason is:
- It's a full book. Most $.99 things on the Kindle store are short stories (like 3-6k words). PS rolls in at about 70k words, with a 5k Steelgods "bonus" at the end.
- You get 35% royalties if it is under $3. If it is $3 or over you get 75% (minus a 15 cent "distribution" fee). For those not math inclined, I have to sell six copies of the $.99 Paradise Seekers to equate the profit of one $3 sale.
- The reason it's $0.99 is I don't care about money. If I sell ~100 copies I'll pay off the cover art (now you all know how much I paid for it) so I'll pull even on this experiment. I'm giving you a book that is worth more than 99 cents for cheap because I am all artsy and consider people actually reading it profit enough. Yes, I'm just that self-sacrificing. Also I'm very humble.
- However, if it starts selling a lot, then it might magically become about money. I like money. I also like being able to buy expensive toys (with the money). Which is when I'd bump up the price.
- I also am hoping it is a "gateway drug" for future books, which is why the first of Steelgods is tacked on the back. I'm only charging the $.99 because 1. It shows I still think the book is worth something; lots of free ebooks are just total crap because their authors know they are just experiments. 2. I need to pay off that cover art. :P

As you can see, I'm trying to be casual about this, but I'd still appreciate it if you bought and reviewed the book. And if you like it, promo it! Review it! I'd be extremely thankful, and if you link me the review I'll post it on here and be sure to review your stuff when it comes out (or if it is already out). Or I'll get my wife to review it, because she reads about 200x faster than I. Point being: You'll get a review.

That's enough from me, now you are all up in my head. Here's a bit from EC to prove I'm still writing it.

Drake stared for a long moment. It had been years since he’d killed a man, and as he had strangled the life from *SPOILER* his mind had been awash with thoughts. Now, as Drake saw the still form before him, Drake thought he could hear screams. Battle cries, the clash of steel on steel and blades slicing through flesh. The crush of bone, the wailings of the wounded, the barks of commanders and the heat of Touched fire.
“You need not know those things, dear husband,” Marline’s voice was soothing. The memories ceased abruptly, like a dam blocking a small stream. Drake put his hands to his temples, a headache surging and resolving within a minute.
“What…” He tried to think back on the memories of battle, of death and leadership. It was fuzzy and empty, like so many others.
“It is not important now, my love,” Marline whispered gently. “Quickly, you must free your bonds and arm yourself before the Zealots react.”


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