on Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Hey, look, what's that? Is it...could it be?


Now go buy/review it!
Also if you are following @TheUselessGod, you can retweet my obnoxiously boring message for a chance to win a free copy. You know, if $1 is out of your budget. ;)


Cholisose said...

Way good--that must be cool to see your book on Amazon.

Out of curiosity, why is your name shortened to N. Major? I'm guessing it's just for aesthetic purposes, but I wasn't sure.
I'm also curious about the editorial review--are those written by critics from Amazon?

Nathan Major said...

It is me talking about how cool I am. It was like "Write a book description!" and so I wrote that awful thing. Then it decided it was "Editorial Reviews." I'm going to try and fix it when I'm actually not at work. ;)

And the N. Major is because...uh...I won't say. Just know it is me. :P I might bump it up to Nathan if this copy sells good, but for now we are being ambiguous.

William B. Kamffer said...

Congrats, Nathan.

I'm taking a look at the Kindle sample just now, and I remembered you'd said something a day or two ago about uploading to KDP in .doc format. I bring this up because I know from past experience that a .doc file through Kindle often has conversion issues and causes odd indentations at moments of short, quick dialog. Others have complained of this as well. It doesn't always happen, but I've seen four instances so far and I'm only into the second chapter of your book.

For future reference, especially when you get to uploading Steelgods, I've found that converting a Word doc to html, zipping/compressing, and then uploading to KDP works far better. You can always upload an html to KDP for Paradise Seekers as well (that's what I had to do for my first novel--and it took me four weeks to find out that the formatting issues were there). So far, though, I've not seen this problem from Smashwords or BN.

And, as for the book itself, it's looking interesting. A nice opener to pose some questions that I'm inclined to keep reading to see answered. Cheers.

Nathan Major said...

Hey, thanks for letting me know. Is it mostly paragraph indenting errors? That was giving me the biggest headache before. I'll check tonight and see if I can upload a less messed up copy.

William B. Kamffer said...

No problem. And from what I've experienced in the past, it doesn't have anything to do with your formatting. It has everything to do with the fact that you uploaded in .doc format instead of html. If you take your original file and just convert it in word to html you'll get rid of the problem.

As for what the problem is, the Kindle indents entire paragraphs as opposed to just the first line. This happens in places where there is a lot of dialog, creating short lines, and the Kindle starts assuming all paragraphs immediately around that dialog is a series of short lines too, indenting every one like a new paragraph. I have no idea what causes it, because it happens almost randomly (not every passage of dialog is plagued). As I understand it, the Kindle format (.azw) is very close to the .mobi format and both are native html formats, so the closer you can get your upload to .azw the better off you'll be.

It doesn't make the book unreadable, though. And you're welcome. I wish somebody had told me when I first uploaded mine. Not enough folk out there share formatting help, which I think is why so many go off and pay somebody to do it for them instead...

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