Effulgent Corruption: PART 3 IS DONE!

on Monday, May 9, 2011
195k later, Part 3 of Effulgent Corruption finally comes to a close. Now Part 4: The Damned Slayer can finally begin.
I'm also officially putting this down as "2/3rds." I'm also going to do my hardest to keep the remainder of the book less wordy and get to plot points faster. I kind of am just letting myself write whatever at this point, knowing I can go back and cut a good deal later, but if I do that I won't be done with this dumb book until like July, which is too far away.
It is also worth noting I actually finished Part 3 Sunday night, I just hadn't managed to blog about it.
I'm also now back to Drake's arch, and it has been so long I totally forgot how he works. Uh oh. I'm sure I'll get back in the groove shortly, I just need to brainstorm a little to get this ready to go. I have the key points of this section already thought out, I just need to organize them into chapters/scenes.
This is, however, still a momentous event. This means that all three viewpoint characters have been introduced and given arcs, and all of these arcs are about to collide in the worst way. It's hard for me to say I'm in "Act 2" or "Act 3" based on the structure of this story, but I'd say we are well into Act 2, and probably now inching our way towards Act 3.
I'm also averaging about 5-6k a day, which is great, except today where I both felt sick and decided I deserved a short breather after finishing Part 3. I still got about 1k out as setup for the next scene, but I feel I'm going to need a walk around the neighborhood talking with my wife before I start binge writing.
Also, against all tradition, I've made a Wordle of this early and will post it now. I'm surprised to see Grax is so much smaller on there, and that Thomas and Ciara almost share the same size (Ciara is the viewpoint character, and Thomas is her ever-present fiance). Also, I think Rook has beaten Drake as the most stated name, which surprises me but I suppose it makes sense.
Now I just need people to read it and motivate me to keep chugging through this monstrosity. You know you want to.

And lastly, a taste of the start of Part 4. Hooray!

            It was at the start Drake’s twelfth year when the first desert rainstorm struck the Yawning Maw. It came seemingly out of the blue; one moment the blistering heat was enveloping the Maw, the next the sky was shrouded and a torrential storm bore down on the massive pit. Thunder cracked across the sky, reverberating down the Gangrene-coated hole, the rain warm and the day still hot despite the downpour.

-Effulgent Corruption, "Rain" 


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