The Kindle Wars Continue

on Saturday, May 28, 2011
So either our Kindles refuse to download an updated version of Paradise Seekers, or it lied and didn't actually update, because I can only pull the old (unfixed) version from Amazon.
Odd thing is I changed the description and that went through, so I assumed the fixed copy is also in (this isn't the typo fixing one, just the format one. The typo fix will probably get shoved out sometime this week).
I'm going to ASSUME this is my Kindle being dumb and not Amazon not updating, but I can never know for sure.
I learned my lesson though: make sure the book is 100% perfectly formatted before sending it up, because hassling with it after the fact sucks.

In more interesting news, I went to CONduit, met a lot of authors I knew and new ones as well, had a lot of great conversations and generally learned a lot. It was quite fun, and I'll probably blab more about it later.


William B. Kamffer said...

Man, I'm sorry you're having such a battle. Are you previewing the book from the "Edit book details" option under "Actions" on the Kindle Direct Publishing page?

Nathan Major said...

I...should have, durr. I actually just deleted it off all my kindle devices and re-uploaded it. I have a hunch since I was already "50%" through the book it just pulled the old version for whatever reason, but I'm not sure.
I'll have to check that. I actually just ran another upload (with some edits to the description again) so it'll be probably 24 hours before I can check it under the "Edit Book Details" button.
In either case, I'm not worrying about it anymore. I actually just wanted a clean .mobi version (since I technically don't have one yet and my file has no DRM, I was going to "steal" my own copy to get it :P) but you know what? Screw it. This is eating in to actual writing time, and so I'll let it sit until I get edits in. :P
Thanks for all your help, in any case. It's a learning experience, so I'm now less frustrated and more amused when things go awry.

William B. Kamffer said...

Hey, no problem. I went through a steep learning curve with my first one too. I only found out about that preview thingy late on after I'd faced some of the same problems you have how.

But, as you say, the writing's most important. It's easy to get sucked into tinkering with your product once it's out there.

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