Random Stuff

on Wednesday, September 15, 2010
1. Go watch this trailer with sound. I don't even care about Halo, but this is like the greatest video game trailer ever made.

2. I volunteered today, reading stories to kids who can't read good and want to do other things good too. I read about a bunch of dudes who got trapped in a mine, and a guy who hitched a ride from Cuba to Spain in the wheel-well of a passenger plane and didn't die. I need to bring a bottle of water next time if I'm going to be reading for two hours straight.

3. They are re-releasing Shadow of the Colossus  and Ico on PS3 in HD and remade. This will be gotten. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best examples of how video games can be art (alongside Braid and Limbo)

4. On that note, the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack is a great thing to write too.

5. There's a girl in my class right now who looks like Hermonie from the Harry Potter movies. Maybe it is Emma Watson. Probably not though.

6. I kept saying all week I'd go to bed early. I haven't. I'm on the verge of death every morning.

7. Here is what I do in a week: Go to work 17 hours a week, go to 15 credits of school, and do 10 hours volunteer work. And write 2k words a day. How am I not dead yet.

8. I'm considering doing a "Best of Useless" post in preparation for the Where Gods and Mortals Dance revision. Nobody will care but me and maybe Jason. But that's ok because I only have like 15 followers anyway.

9. I'm seriously looking forward to getting out of BYU. I don't like BYU. At all. And I'm going to school here. Whoops.

10. That's it.


Anonymous said...

why no like BYU?

Anonymous said...

OH!!! After you graduate you should get a job in SLC and move here and then be my ride for Sanderson's class!

Unless you're doing grad school.


You could do grad school in SLC and then move here and be my ride to Sanderson's class!

Nathan Major said...

Didn't you just tell me like yesterday how great the gas mileage on your car was?

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