Steelgod September: Day Nineteen (1,918 words)

on Sunday, September 19, 2010
Just under. My paper took longer than expected, as did studying, but mostly I felt really sick and got distracted by Starcraft 2 again. Maybe I should uninstall the game and make it a reward for finishing Might of the Steelgods. That's actually a fairly decent idea.

I have figured out the rest of the book, sort of. Tomorrow during a more boring class I'll probably write out a chapter outline, and then assign them to days. That way I'll have goals with my writing, and hopefully then I'll write more. Also, having and end in sight makes me write a lot better.

I realized that this semester, as far as real tests go, I only have two classes that have the textbook definition of "real tests" (my two gender courses). My other classes either have high point, in class quizzes, lots of writing assignments, or reports. So, that is actually a huge de-stresser, because it means I don't have to worry about stuff like that as often.

I still have crazy busy schedules, but not having lots of stuff due every time I turn around (minus my writing class) is certainly a relief.

Anyway, I have a test Thursday, so I'm going to spend my evenings studying. I am also really really going to try and write more, I swear. Maybe I should lock my Windows partition on my Mac and give Bec the password...then I'll have to ask her every time I want to play. There's an idea.

Fat quote tonight because I feel like it.

Roc punched the wall for emphasis, followed by him wincing and holding his hand tightly in pain. After shaking it a few times he spoke. 
“Fine. You win. I’ll teach you how to steal Creation.”
“Not good enough.”
“What!” Roc threw his hands in the air. “What the hell is wrong with you? You say one thing and then-”
“Oh, just calm down and listen!” I had lost all patience. “I just want you to swear it.”
Roc stopped ranting, and his eyes lit up. “Swear it? By what?”
I paused. As I looked at the sudden glee that had taken the Gambler’s face, I came to a harsh realization.
He probably doesn’t believe in much of anything worth swearing to, I grit my teeth. He’s probably itching for an opportunity to break his word. I’d best make sure he swears by something he cares about.
Roc twisted a finger in circles. “By....what? Did you fall asleep on me, standing up? The Peacemakers? The Almighty Steelgods? My dear sweet mother? Name your oath, and I’ll commit.”
He doesn’t care about any of those things, I found it hard to think with my mind so tired. What could he...
“Swear by...” I had it, “your reputation.”


Ryan said...

Actually, if the game is a distraction to you (which it obviously is) I would *highly* recommend putting it as an incentive for finishing your stuff. Last semester I used Darksiders as an incentive to get my semester project done, and I felt really good about finishing it because I finally got to take the shrink-wrap off of the game and put it in my PS3. Just a recommendation.

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