Steelgod September: Day Fifteen (2,448 words)

on Wednesday, September 15, 2010
I was going to finish this chapter, but I really need to go to bed early tonight, so I'm cutting it short. I'm going to count this as the first time school/work/volunteer work actually cut into my writing time a noticeable amount, because if I didn't have school tomorrow I'd for certain finish this chapter (I'd say it has another 1k left).

But, that's not the point. I'm also hitting that magical part in my book where I hate it. Yep, that part. I'm about 1/3-1/2 way through, sitting at 45k, so it makes sense. Dammit.

Speaking of halfway, September is half over today. So I have 15 days to finish this book. It's gonna happen. I wish we had another day off, though, where I could bum rush 10-15k in a day and get done early. Ah well. It's not hard if it isn't fun. Wait, that's backwards. Whatever.

Here's the bit.

And yes, Roc is a dirty rotten cheater.

He nodded to the crowd, earning a few nods back. I looked down at the cards at the table again. They glowed in the light, transparent.
Transparent. Some of them completely transparent.
I leapt to my feet, shoving my hand aside. “You cheat!” I screamed, pointing to his cards. “You rotten cheater!”
The men around me, probably expecting an incident like what had happened with the last loser, moved in to take me away. With a twist I dodge their grasp, snatching at Roc’s cards just before the Gambler could recover them. I didn’t get them all, but as I touched the transparent ones I knew my assumption was correct. 
“Graffitied cards!” I yelled. The crowd fell silent. I held the cards high; away from the real ones and in clearer light, the scheme was now obvious. The cards had a rough edge to them, probably due to the quickness Roc would have had to sketch them after I’d revealed my incredible hand. The men moving to grab me stopped in their tracks, staring at my outstretched arm.

Chapter 14 - Stealing Creation


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The hate-syndrome! It'll pass! FIGHT THE DISEASE!

I like this excerpt, btw.

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