Steelgod September: Day Three (2,013 words)

on Friday, September 3, 2010
The fact I managed today is a miracle, I want you to know that. All the odds were against me, but I pulled it off. I actually wrote this many words in about 45 minutes, because that constituted all my free time today.
Here's what I had to do:
Class at 8, work at 9:30 (I wrote a little between 9-9:30)
School at 12, Work at 2 (I ate lunch between 1-2 and came to work early)
3-4 (right now), I managed to write the rest of the chapter. Yay! That's good, because...
4-5 I have a class, and 5:30-probably midnight we are having a work Xbox party that I organized, so I have to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly.
So pretty much I had maybe an hour and a half free time today, but I still managed to meet my word goal.
Yes, I'm proud of myself. Plus, the chapter's actually decent (and gets me where I need it to go), so mission accomplished.

I thought of some more cool ideas for the story, and I'm working on ways to make the magic more...awesome. Awesomer. Whatever.

Here's your thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I have class and and xbox party (and a long weekend, thank goodness) to attend to.

" It took everything I had to push forward, fighting through the thick, palpable darkness as I stumbled. I tripped on roots and stumbled over shrubbery. I didn’t bother covering my face this time, instead just leaning forward and shoving through the various branches that caught hold of me. Twigs snapped and branches broke, and still I could hear the Peacemaker coming. There was a sudden crack, and the tree which I had just recently fallen alongside was yanked up from the earth like a weed. The area at its base glowed slightly for a moment, then the light of Graffiti dissipated.
Steelgods, I swore, throwing myself forward again with a newfound zeal. This thing isn’t a man; it’s some sort of demigod.
The adrenaline had done much to help me ignore my pain, and I did my best to not think of the status of my right arm. I shoved objects out of my way, hearing the cries of small animals and angry birds as I continued my escape. I couldn’t let the Peacemaker catch me. "


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