Steelgod September: Days 16 and 17 (4,123 words)

on Saturday, September 18, 2010
I didn't write on the 16th. It was bad; I basically just played Starcraft 2 and felt burned out. It WAS a thursday, which is the worst day of the week because it isn't friday, so I had that against me.
Luckily I made it up on the 17th, where I wrote 2k in two chunks during the day. So, in the end, I still met my goals, if I was a little behind. I did forget to blog though.

Regarding the story, I'm...a bit lost at this point. I have an idea of where I want him to go and how I want this to happen, but not enough to feel that confident writing. I know I need to start working towards the end (the month's over half over), but while I know what happens after he GETS to a certain place, I'm not certain exactly HOW he gets there (or the time inbetween).

I guess I'll figure something out.

Well, I'm going to study for a test and then have Writing Group 1.0 for critique and writing. Should be fun. Sometime next week I'm going to plan a day-by-day plot requirement so I can get this done, for certain, by the end of September.

It's also 300 words away from 50k, which is awesome too. It's almost as long as Paradise Seekers (which was 69k at the end of the first draft).

The Gambler rolled his eyes and put his hands to his knees. With an exaggerated effort he drew himself up. “Right. You didn’t do anything wrong. No, not at all. Thank goodness that, instead of just taking me privately aside and telling me you knew I was cheating, you decided to scream it to everybody in the entire damn bar. And then, instead of just letting me bluff about knowing Graffiti, you not only call me on it but you try to blow us all to hell. Brilliant plan, boy.”
“What? Don’t even try!” I felt my stomach churn in frustration. “You can’t possibly blame the fact that, since you are a rotten cheater, liar, and conman, you getting caught is somehow my fault.”
“I was a rotten cheater, liar, and conman,” Roc’s tone was indignant. “Until some babied brat decided to ruin everything good I had going on. Do you know how hard it is to keep a reputation? And then to have it shattered in an instant, all that good will gone and everybody not trusting you wherever you go?”
Don’t I ever

-The Path of a Gambler


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