Steelgod September: Day Twenty-Eight (9,136 words)

on Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I don't think I need to say I wrote a lot today, because I wrote a lot today. I also went to the temple, studied for a test, and wrote a paper. The book is very close to being done. I have to finish this chapter that's about 3/4 done, write one (short) one, and a short epilogue. I might even try to finish it tomorrow, just so I'll be a day early.
If I do, I'll probably make a big blog post about it either tomorrow or Thursday, with total word count, my thoughts, etc. It has been both stressful and stressless, being forced to write every day, forced to push the book forward even when I'd rather be playing Starcraft. And while there are certainly some sections that will need some severe editing, I am very satisfied with the end result. I don't see it needing too much work before it is in a publishing state.

Here's a spoiler-free quote for you. I'm going to play some Starcraft.

“Will I see you again?”
April didn’t respond. She looked away, staring vacantly off into the distance. I blinked, and reached out and touched her cheek.
“Cevan,” April whispered, still not turning towards me. “You know the answer to that question.”
I just stared at her. My mind wandered to the events of my life. Being chased out of York, the town sacked by the Peacemakers. Running, always running, living in fear that the night would be my last. Of fighting through London, where Devent had nearly been killed trying to save me from imposing Gears. The Peacemaker, his smile cruel, his methods ruthless, baiting me by abusing my step-siblings. *CUT FOR SPOILERS*
All that death, all that killing, all that pain. It surrounded me, swallowed me up in its life. Everywhere I went, destruction clamored at my coattails. And it would continue to do so, until the day I died.
“That...” I felt my lip tremble. “Isn’t the life I want you to have.”
“No.” April nodded. “It isn’t.”

Edit: I wrote an extra 394 last night before going to bed, finishing the chapter. Still didn't make 10k. Oh well. 


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

10K? In one day? WHO DOES THAT?

You disgust me.

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