Steelgod September: Day Seven (2,648 words)

on Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Wrote a good deal today, and I might write more should I feel like it. This chapter went from "eh" to "hmm" to "aha!" as I realized exactly the details of how I was going to make this part work. That's one of those perks of discovery writing: you don't know until you write it exactly what is going to happen. Makes things fun.

I'm pleased with how this book is going. It's fun to be writing fantasy again, and I'm trying to keep it fast-moving and fresh. With luck, it won't be a huge discovery written mess like the first 1/2 of WGMD, so it won't require too much editing out of the block. We'll see.

I had something else I was going to blog about today, but I totally forgot. Oh well. Guess it isn't important.

If I write more I'll edit this post to reflect that.

“Well, shall we pray to this food? Perhaps the Steelgods could help you with their divine providence.”
I snorted, which earned me an inquisitive stare from April. “Sure. Maybe those metal morons could do something for me. They’ve certainly been helpful thus far.”
April’s cheeks turned red. “You are here, aren’t you? Alive?”
She was staring at me intently. I blinked, and gave the slightest of nods.
“And your step-siblings, they were not killed in the shuffle, right? They are still alive?”
I nodded again.
“Then you have much to thank the Steelgods for,” April finished, looking back at her soup. I expected her to say more, but she simply continued stirring, eyes never leaving the bowl.


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