Steelgod September: Day Nine (3,382 words)

on Thursday, September 9, 2010
Good day today, especially considering I wasn't sure what was going down in this chapter exactly. I figured it out, but now I REALLY have no idea what's going on NEXT chapter. I'm doomed.

I messed up my knee badly today. I'm not sure how. I think I twisted it or stepped on something wrong, I'm not sure. At any rate, it hurts like crazy, and I really hope I didn't break anything essential. I don't want to pay to have some doctor scan it and say nothing's wrong. But I really don't want to pay to have him say I broke my knee off or something.


Well, draw me something!” April grinned. Her Graffiti, having been neglected for a few seconds, was starting to fade. The bits would join the circle of firebugs before dissolving.
I concentrated, holding my hand in front of me, firebugs already beginning to investigate the light curiously. I didn’t know what to draw, so I just moved my fingers as gracefully as I could muster, imagining artistic patterns and designs, like April’s.
I drew for about a minute, bugs circling around me, light spinning like a whirlwind. At last I finished, signing my name in the air with a flourish, and turned back to April.
She was giggling and shaking her head. I blinked, then felt my blood rush to my face.
April had to cover her mouth to keep laughter in. “Steelgods, you are terrible at Graffiti.”
“Oh come on!” I groaned, looking back at my Graffiti. I hadn’t thought it was too bad when I was drawing it, but now that I could see it without bias I realized she was right. It looked completely awful. A chicken could have scratched something better in the dirt.

- Chapter 8, Touching Creation


Anonymous said...

A chicken could have scratched it on your FACE.


I hope your knee feels better. See if it gets better in the next day. If not, find a nursing student. They're free! :D

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