Steelgod September: Day Eight (2,846 words)

on Wednesday, September 8, 2010
I wanted to write more, believe me I did, but I'm just too burned out. I'm getting sick, school and work were never-ending, and I didn't get to split my writing up as I usually do (morning, lunch, evening). Needless to say it suffered for it.

I still got a reasonable amount done, despite wanting to just crash and play Xbox all night. I did play a little Plants vs Zombies (which came out on Xbox today!) co-op with my wife. Fun times. She has an obsession with plant pots.

What's my random garbage spouting about today? Um...I don't know, actually. I thought of some things about WGMD and some basic ideas for Steelgods. I nearly died of boredom at work and got a massive headache. I also kept forgetting I have assignments due (luckily they aren't until Friday).

Basically, seniorites like crazy. Finally setting in, hardcore. Awesome.

And with that boring statement about my life, here's some stuff I wrote today.

“I’m going to hurt for weeks,” I complained, managing to get another bite on the end of my knife. “I never thought swinging a hammer back and forth would be so much work.”
“Hard work is the best kind,” April commented, picking the last bits of meat from the bone. “Makes you appreciate it when you are finished.”
“Right, considering all I made was that,” I pointed to the piece of metal alongside me on the table. It was a short knife, crudely made, the metal wider in some parts than others along the blade. April had insisted I etch my name into the side. “I don’t know why you didn’t just throw it back into the fire to be made into something else.”
April watched me for a moment, her dinner done. Her features grew soft, as did her words. “I want you to see something.”
“What?” I mumbled, another piece in my mouth. She was right about the muscle relaxants; I found movement was easier.
“Flip your knife over.”
“The one I just made?” I moved to grab it.
“No, Aluminum. The one in your hand.”
It took a moment to sink in, and then I looked at the knife I was clasping between my fingers. It was then I noticed it was imperfect, little more than a straight piece of metal rather than an actual eating utensil. On the hilt was an indentation, two letters. “A.E.”
I didn’t know April’s last name, but I knew the lesson she was presenting. I looked back up at her; her blue eyes sparkled warmly, and a beautiful smile was across her face.
“See? We all start somewhere,” was all she said. She rose, tossing her bones into the fire and depositing her plate into the same barrel as before.

- Chapter 7, Flame and Steel


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