Side Comment: Why Submitting to People Is Fun!

on Saturday, September 4, 2010
Reason: Because you actually get mail. *


Yes I don't ever get mail, and even a rejection letter is a step up. Don't judge me!

The real point is that it's exciting to come home from school every day and see if I got something. Even if it's a rejection, the idea that somebody actually maybe thought about considering the crap I write for fun in my free time is worth the rejection. Do I want to write for a living? Hell yes I do. But for now, even if I'm cranking out 2-3k a day, I still consider it just a hobby. I still work 20+ hours a week, go to school, have parties, etc. And since it is a hobby, I always have this weird idea that the stuff I write really isn't that great.

It isn't a fear, per say. It's just a thought. We all have that thing were we think stuff we created was great, mostly because we created it. It's hard to see the glaring errors because, deep down, we want it to succeed. So, we keep thinking it's great.

Now somebody is going to argue and say it's the opposite, that we hate our work and always see it harshest. Yeah, that might be true too, but I really doubt anybody (even you, argumentative reader!) really hates their work as much as they say. You know why?

Because you didn't quit. Which means you still harbor the idea that it's still good enough to be worth something.

In other news: this really got off topic. Point is: I want some letter back from people I submitted Paradise Seekers too, because I'm impatient. And it's like 1:00 in the morning. What is wrong with me. I should be sleeping.


* Except I've only heard back from like three people, and only one of those was letter form (two were emails). I'm ready to get rejected: send it on over!**

**Though I'm also ready to get not-rejected too. Wink wink.


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