Steelgod September: Day Two (3,202 words)

on Thursday, September 2, 2010
Chapter 2: The Unstoppable Peacemakers is done. Yay!

I actually had a good system today; I wrote 1k this morning, then finished the chapter in the evening. I kind of like this; I might try it again tomorrow. The problem is it hinges on: 1. Me having free time in the morning, and 2. Me being competent and awake in the morning.

Yeah we'll see.

Anyway, it's written, chapter done, and now we are kind of entering uncharted territory. So hold on and strap yourself in, because it might get interesting (and very, very crappy).

Today's thingy:

Rosemary began drawing again, fingers cutting the air. Suddenly she gave a fierce cry, like a struck cat, and her body arched back. She was blasted backwards, into the dirt road, her night-dress shredded as she rolled three times.
“Rosemary!” I screamed, running to her. Behind me I could hear Devent yelling.
“Cevan, you stupid fool! Don’t-”
I didn’t hear any more, because at that moment a jarring force slammed into my back. It launched me completely off my feet and into the air a good foot before dropping me, hard, on my back. I choked as the wind was knocked out of me, and I saw stars both in the clear sky and in the corners of my vision. My gasps filled my lungs with dust, and I coughed as my body tried its hardest to recover.
“Cevan!” Devent’s voice sounded distant, and I heard several more clashes of steel through muted ears. “Roll!”
Despite the pain, I knew better than to question Devent in an emergency. I rolled, and just as I did a loud thunk hit where I had been laying. Through blurry eyes I saw what had made the sound; a semi-transparent knife, without detail or mark, was stuck deep into the ground where my head had been just a minute before. There was a snapping sound, and the Graffiti disintegrated into wisps of light.


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