Steelgod September: Day Twenty-Nine (1,784 words)

on Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Might of the Steelgods, Book One, is complete.
And AHEAD of schedule, I might add. Last I checked September had one day left.

Doesn't matter. It's done. 100% Vamoosh. Finished.
And that makes Steelgod September a resounding success in getting me writing after my two month stagnation/quagmire period. Hoorah!

I will devote an entire post to the stats shortly, giving you tons of useless information you never bothered to care about. But I care, since it's my blog. So suck on that.

Anyway, it's done. Book in a month. Enjoy the stats once I finish vegging my brain on SC2.

“An end,” I whispered, opening my hand and looking the small gear over again. “Seems to be something my story will be forever lacking.”
And giving one last glance at the failing sun, I turned and stepped back into the wagon, shutting the door behind me. 


Charlie said...

Wow. Nice quote. I got chills for some stupid reason.

I have a feeling I'll be yelling at you when I read the end of this book.

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