Steelgod September: Day Twelve (3,780 Words)

on Sunday, September 12, 2010
Gonna be quick tonight, because I have a huge day tomorrow and I need to sleep.

Wrote a lot today. Basically an entire chapter, and one that pushes the plot forward. Bec was sad because it separated two main character whose interactions she enjoyed. Don't worry, they'll be back someday.

I'm calling this the end of act one, officially. Act two begins...NOW. And we'll see what happens now that Cevan is off doing stupid things again.

Other news...uh...I'm playing Disagea 2 a lot, and it's addicting and fun. My schedule is exploding with stuff to do this week, as my capstone is falling into place, so my writing might actually stay at 2k words as anticipated. Seriously, my life is about to get awful. Luckily this is my last semester ever (!!!) so that provides at least some motivation.

Anyway. Bed. Here's the bit.

April set her stick down and sat down next to me, pushing the blankets I used for bedsheets aside. She was also panting, and she wiped sweat from her brow with the arm of her shirt. 
“Well, that was fun. I didn’t know you could swordfight.”
“Devent taught me a little,” I admitted. “But I’m pretty terrible. Plus, whenever I’m forced to fight someone for real, I usually choke up and make a complete ass out of myself.”
“That’s an enormous surprise.”


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